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Sister of a Warrior

A sisterly love language
This month's blog posts seem to be following the theme of family. While I was down in Cape Town on holiday, my sister gave me this piece which she had originally written on her blog in 2012.

My sister laughs with me, cries with me and we go crazy...
My sister is an amazing lady and superwoman in disguise. She has given me knowledge since a small age about different topics and has helped me. Maybe it's because of the situations we encountered together or when I just wanted to watch Greys Anatomy with her.
She is one of my biggest fans in everything I do. Yes, we do get mad at each other, but that's what sisters do. They can't stay cross for long or sad. She is the one who makes amazing flapjacks and sings songs with me out loud.

She is a blessing to me from God and is my pookie. My sister allows me to follow my heart, but I always know that she will be there to help me sew my heart back together if things go south.
My sister is one of a kind and I l…

Married to MG

Married to MG

This month I will be married for seven years and seven months!

It still seems like yesterday when I walked down the aisle towards you, my husband to be.  Before we got married, I said that you were getting a raw deal on the ‘sickness and health’ section of the vows. Still, you had the biggest smile when you whispered the vows back and placed a ring on my finger.

Like anyone with chronic illness I wonder about your choice. Will you get tired of me and my hospitalisations, doctors visits and tablets? Our marriage hasn't been without its challenges. However the things you say bring a smile to my face and an understanding of a deeper love to my heart.

Here are the top 5 things that make me smile!

-    Let's take the matches to bed, my *prompe princess

Intimacy can be a tricky thing with an unpredictable stomach. The nights when I'm  particularly flatulent a box of matches comes in handy when cuddling!
(*Prompe is a  Norweign word that can be translated to fart :-)

-    I…