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The 5 main things I learnt about Cyclosporine in 2016

My experiences with Cyclosporin 2016
At the end of 2015 I reached my lowest point with my battle with MG thus far. I agreed to my Neurologists recommendation that I start a new immunueosupressent, Cyclosporin.
In South Africa, it is dispensed through Novartis, under the trade name Neural. It is recommended for MG warriors that have severe and resistant MG. 1
Here are the five most important facts I have learned over the regarding Cyclosporin over the last year. 
1) It takes time to start working
Once I started Cyclosporin, I did not feel an immediate change. After approximately two months I started to feel some positive spin-offs. I was no longer struggling to swallow and I was strong enough to walk short distances with a cane. After 4 months I felt strong enough start driving short distances and walking independently. Every week since, I could feel my strength improving. I still have flares and bad days, but with pacing, lifestyle changes and rest, Cyclosporin has changed my life, lit…

All you need to know about shelf-life and storage of Mestinon

Mestinon: Storage and Shelf-life

Mestinon (pyridostigmine)  is a lifeline for Myasthenia Gravis Warriors such as myself. I rely on it to keep my muscles functioning and take it every 4 hours. Without it, I can feel my eyes drooping and my muscles slowly turning to mush.

When we had a postal strike in South Africa, I ran out of Mestinon. ‘Perhaps in three weeks’ I would receive my medication was their verdict. I had to go from pharmacy to pharmacy trying to source Mestinon at my own cost. After this, I vowed to always have some spare. So on a good day, I would stretch out my doses. I now have about a month’s supply extra.

My concern was: What is the shelf life of Mestinon and can I take it if it says it’s expired.
Firstly Storage of Mestinon is essential as to maintain the drug's potency.
-          Keep your tablets in the bottle until it is time to take them.
I pack my medication out weekly in a medication dispenser. This helps me save time and keep track if I have taken the medica…