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The Traveling Spoon: Vegan eating in Cape Town

Hidden Vegan Gems in Cape Town

I love discovering new restaurants, especially when I can order anything off the menu!
Here are the top three places I found on my latest trip to Cape Town.

Nomad (

There was no better experience than tapping the hard crust of a Crème Brûlée and breaking through the beautiful soft cream beneath. Going dairy free I gave up the hope to experience this again. Then I discover the Nomad Restaurant.

Just outside Stellenbosh, the Nomad restaurant is set over a freshwater dam. The absolute best Gluten free, Vegan Pizza, bread and Crème Brûlée! But that's not all, your non-vegan family members can also order regular food. I enjoyed this place so much I even went back for a second visit!

Cold Gold Ice Cream (

Paleo, Vegan, Banting diabetic or regular ice-cream/ sorbet made with natural ingredients. It's a visit for the whole family. The shop is a bit out of the way, but you can often find them at various slow …

Therapeutic Journaling

Therapeutic Journaling

Need a confidential, non-judge mental support system? Don't have a friend to call or a shoulder to cry on? Feel like you need an emotional detox? Why not try journaling?
When I was first introduced to therapeutic journaling I was a sceptic. I had all the what ifs to back me up. What if someone finds it and reads it? What if I'm not disciplined enough to do it daily? What if I just don't have anything to write about? What if it's only negative?
As a therapist I want to be honest with my clients. I will not suggest anything unless I see the benefit in it. Therefore, I needed to experience journaling for myself. I must admit, I was surprised by my experience and wanted to share my findings.
1)    Set the scene
Before starting, make sure your sensory and physical needs are taken care of. I would never be able to focus in front of a TV or with a full bladder. I found a quiet environment suited me best. Whether it was in my room with quite classi…

Whats your Threshold?

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We all have our limits.
When I got married, one of the things I found the most difficult to get used to was sleeping next to my husband. It could be 12pm and I still wouldn't be asleep. Not because I was stressed or fighting pain, but because my husband was breathing too loud! Yes, you read right not snoring, but breathing! Many people said I would ‘get used to it’, but 7 years later I still have not. 

Making sense of it all
I am auditory sensitive and without a pair of ear plugs, I can often not fall asleep. It's like having a super power of sensitive hearing. While I can easily listen in on quiet conversations in the next room, I also quickly get overwhelmed if there is too much ‘busy’ noise.
Sounds that others can block out like the ticking of a clock, tend to catch my attention. Everyone has their own sensory limits. Having more insight into them can assist you to not only focus and avoid being overwhelmed.…