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A basic breakdown of blog posts from Snowflakes and Spoons

Myasthenia Gravis: 

Walk a mile in a pair of MG shoes

My Snowflake Story: Myasthenia Gravis 101

Myasthenia Gravis: The snowflake disease (Guest post: Krugersdorp News) 

How to support someone with MG (Guest post: living the diagnosis) 

From Wheelchair to First Place

Think yourself happy ... OR NOT! 

Chronic Life: Lifestyle hacks and issues

Counting Spoons: Energy conservation

Cramps and spasms

To work or not to work?

When awareness becomes stigma

Leisure reading hacks 

10 ways to keep warm in the winter

Medications & Side Effects:

Shelf-life of Mestinon 

Help I'm growing a moustache

5 things I learnt about Cyclosporine 

Sensory Awareness: 

What's your Threshold? 

Therapy Ideas:  

Mindfulness Challange

Colouring In

Therapeutic Journaling

MG and Health Professionals:

How a Speech Therapist can help a MG warrior 

Don't DIS my Speech: How a speech therapist can help Part 2

Occupational Therapy and Chronic Illness 

Dumb things Drs say

Effects on the Family: 
Sister of a Warrior

Married to MG

Christian Life and Chronic Illness

Heart of worship

The Sacrifice behind Passion

No longer a slave

Clean Baking Ideas: 

Christmas Ginger Cookies

Banana Bread

Chocolate Cake 


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