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Storm waves or Learning Curves

When I was younger, my parents owned a small sailing boat. We spent many relaxing days sailing on both the Vaal and Hartebeespoort dam. My Dad was our Captain, My Mom, deck hand and myself a 6-year-old Barbie Princess obsessed self always in my lumo life vest. When on board I always had my life vest on. My Mom was strict about this. 
One sunny morning we headed out on the Vaal for a sail around the island.Half way through our trip the clouds started coming in. Not worried I continued playing on deck.
I can only remember snip bits from there onwards. The wind getting colder and it starting to rain. The boat going from a gentle rock to almost keeling over. My Mom getting me to sit just inside the door of the cabin to protect me from the waves now washing the deck.
Maybe it was because of the chaos on deck and the overpowering elements, but I can't remember any sounds. No screaming or crying. In fact, I can't even remember being that scared. I do remember praying.  When I didn&#…