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Not good enough: Fears of Motherhood and disability

Officially a Mom!
On the 28th November 2017 my beautiful son, Levi was born. Ientered this new territory with brave anticipation. As a first-timemom, I knew I would face unknown challenges on this road ahead. Having Myasthenia Gravis would bring its own set of unique twists and turns.

Becoming a mother was always one of my hearts desires. One I often thought may be out of reach. What a blessing it was to find out just a bit more than a year ago we would have a child. Thankfully I have had a community of woman who have guided and showed me what it means not only to be a good mother but one led by God.
Though this process I have realised that my mother, grandmother, aunt and mother in law are the four pillars of 'what it means to be a mom' to me.Because of them, I know how to persevere through sleepless nights, have the lion heart of fighting for my child's needs, how to be quite in a storm and how to have fun, laugh and enjoy every moment given in God’s grace.

But there is a g…