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Help I'm growing a moustache!

Help I'm growing a moustache! And the other wonders of medication side effects.

The handful of drugs I take daily cause me both joy and pain. My success that can be seen externally is often compromised by the hardships I suffer personally. Juggling this is my daily warrior mission.
After 4 months of being on my new immune suppression drugs, I am starting to feel less like a rag doll and more like a functional human. I can once again climb steps, drive and shop independently. My brain fog has slowly slipped away and I'm coping better at work. I can smile and my eyes don't fatigue as quickly. Best of all I'm wobbling around the agility field (can't call it running just yet).
I wanted to write this post about helpful hints on how to deal with common side effects. I realised that many of the strategies I use are band-aids. Prevention when dealing with side effects seems almost nonexistent. It's a game of let's see what your body reacts to and then let's deal wi…

Colouring in: Therapeutic tool, soul food or nonsense?

Colouring in: Therapeutic tool, soul food or nonsense?

I have fond memories of sitting with my Aunty Karen at Grandma’s house and colouring in. I used to be amazed how she could turn a set of black and white lines into a kaleidoscope of colour with just 12 coloured pencils. I enjoyed the time I spent with her and the treats that Grandma was sure to bring.
Today colouring in has become the next best self-help tool. I too own a new set of pencils and colouring book. Many web pages and blogs claim to colour in can have a positive effect on mood, increased self-expression, increased focus, help you engage in meditation and spark creativity by embracing your inner child.
But yet when researching this topic I struggled to find journals or peer-reviewed articles. Could this be because adult colouring is a new topic or are the above claims false? Also, why don't I experience this positive kick? Why when I coloured in gift tags for Christmas I was so proud to stick them on the presents, but I…