My Rituximab experience

My Rituximab experience After a poor response to Octogam, my Neurologist felt the next step in my treatment plan for Myasthenia Gravis was Rituximab. This is also known as MabThera or Rituxan. Here are some of my thoughts and insights on the treatment and my personal response to it. What is it: Rituximab is not chemotherapy but it is cytotoxic, therefore it destroys cells.  Rituximab is a man-made antibody that targets the  CD 20 B Cells.  Rituximab is thought to attach to the CD20 receptors cells causing them to disintegrate. Literature notes that R ituximab should be considered as a treatment option for patients with either Myasthenia Gravis or LEMS for whom standard immunosuppressive treatments have been unsuccessful.  How it must be given: Rituximab is given via an intravenous infusion (IV) drip. My neurologist recommended two infusions given two weeks apart. Prior to the procedure, it is recommended that you have a baseline blood test done of your CD20 Cells. This