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Take a break... Make some Cake!

My favorite fluffy chocolate cake!

After many Drs visit, decisions and future plans, I needed a break. When starting a clean eating diet the one thing I missed the most was a fluffy piece of chocolate cake! After trial and error, I now have an adapted recipe of my mom's chocolate cake that I can proudly serve to guests.

Dairy free, gluten free, sugar-free fluffy chocolate cake


250ml gluten free  Cake flour
15ml Baking powder
2ml salt
60ml cocoa
4 eggs - separated
125ml oil
125ml boiling water
5ml vanilla essence
250ml coconut sugar
* please note: I added an extra 5ml of Psyllium Husks as my gluten free cake mix did not contain any.

1) Sieve together the flour, salt, baking powder and cocoa into large bowl

2) Separate the eggs

3) Beat the egg whites with a very clean beater until they form stiff white peaks
4 ) Beat the egg yolks
5) In a medium bowl mix the oil, boiling water and vanilla essence and coconut sugar
6) Add the beaten egg yolks to the large flour mixture.

Occupational Therapy and Chronic Illness

Occupational therapy strives to use a holistic treatment approach to improve a person's day to day functioning. Balancing life and engaging in work, leisure and personal management by teaching new skills or adapting task or environment is a high priority for OTs. By using meaningful activities we encourage clients to live their life to their personal best. This can be done in a group setting or on an individual either on hospital or on an outpatient basis.
So what services can an Occupational Therapist offer an adult client with a chronic illness?
“As much as 90% of the management of a chronic condition must be performed, not by health care providers, but by the person who has the condition.” ‐ California Healthcare Foundation, 2008 whether it's managing your medication, putting on your own socks or remembering where you left the keys OT is the profession to help you.
Here are 10 other topics that an OT can include in your treatment:
      1)Learning new skills: From Social skil…