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Are you feeling better yet?

I had just completed what felt like a mini-marathon session of changing, feeding and burping my son. Both exhausted I was only too grateful when he was finally asleep on my chest. Reaching for my phone I read a text message that had come through ... "Are you feeling better yet?"

I am almost 2 months post Ritixubum treatment and I am feeling stronger. But am I 'better'? And how would I measure 'better'?

If you break your leg are you 'better' when the bone heals or when your back to your normal daily activities. If you get the flu are you 'better' when you don't need medication to fight the virus or when you stop sneezing? Most medical professionals follow tried and tested guidelines for the above. They give you 6 weeks for a bone to heal and 7 days to get over the flu. They then expect to see you doing things as you would or they asses for further complications and once again set similar follow-up times and goals.

If I think back to my pre-…