The Traveling Spoon: Vegan eating in Cape Town

Hidden Vegan Gems in Cape Town

I love discovering new restaurants, especially when I can order anything off the menu!
Here are the top three places I found on my latest trip to Cape Town.

Nomad (

There was no better experience than tapping the hard crust of a Crème Brûlée and breaking through the beautiful soft cream beneath. Going dairy free I gave up the hope to experience this again. Then I discover the Nomad Restaurant.

Just outside Stellenbosh, the Nomad restaurant is set over a freshwater dam. The absolute best Gluten free, Vegan Pizza, bread and Crème Brûlée! But that's not all, your non-vegan family members can also order regular food. I enjoyed this place so much I even went back for a second visit!

Cold Gold Ice Cream ( 

Paleo, Vegan, Banting diabetic or regular ice-cream/ sorbet made with natural ingredients. It's a visit for the whole family. The shop is a bit out of the way, but you can often find them at various slow markets  and health shops around Cape Town. Even though I was wearing several layers of winter clothing, I was still tempted. After sampling a few flavors I settled on the almond milk chocolate vegan ice cream! Yummy! Take away tubs also available.

Mary-Ann's Eatery and Emporium (

After convincing my family to take a detour to Gordon's Bay, I was relieved to find Mary Ann's Eatery and Emporium. We were too early for the buffet that is served at 12 so we opted for coffees, healthy drinks and vegan cake.  So do you feel like being surrounded by the beautiful artwork of Jan Pentz and eating delicious vegan buffet? Or do you just wish to snuggle up by the fireplace, drink a vegan cappuccino and eat an assortment of healthy sweet treats? Then this quaint eatery is just for you! There is also a shop where you can purchase food and ingredients helping you to create your own vegan meals at home. Great advice on how to change your life and mindset also available.


  1. These all look like great places to eat. I would have to try Nomad if I were in the area!


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