Married to MG

Married to MG

This month I will be married for seven years and seven months!

It still seems like yesterday when I walked down the aisle towards you, my husband to be.  Before we got married, I said that you were getting a raw deal on the ‘sickness and health’ section of the vows. Still, you had the biggest smile when you whispered the vows back and placed a ring on my finger.

Like anyone with chronic illness I wonder about your choice. Will you get tired of me and my hospitalisations, doctors visits and tablets? Our marriage hasn't been without its challenges. However the things you say bring a smile to my face and an understanding of a deeper love to my heart.

Here are the top 5 things that make me smile!

-    Let's take the matches to bed, my *prompe princess

Intimacy can be a tricky thing with an unpredictable stomach. The nights when I'm  particularly flatulent a box of matches comes in handy when cuddling!
(*Prompe is a  Norweign word that can be translated to fart :-)

-    I am Iron Man
I hate ironing. I intentionally buy clothes I do not have to iron. My husband, however, is quite self-sufficient and if needed will iron his clothes himself.

-    Don't forget the big guns
Every morning my husband sets an alarm to remind me to take my medication.

-    Let's take Dory with for a coffee
When I stay at home too long I get cabin fever. My husband is good at spotting this and suggesting an outing within my spoon capacity. He also nicknamed my walking stick Dory….just keep walking, just keep walking.

-    You are my blessing from God
From the first hours we were married you have prayed for me. Many people at a wedding will have a joke or two about the old ball and chain when you asked to pray for me at our reception I was so honoured. Every night, before we sleep you once again thank God for me. When I have doubts in my mind I have only to listen to your nightly prayers to know that I am treasured and loved.

I realise that not everyone is as blessed as I am. Thank you for being my husband, friend, lover and partner through thick and thin!


  1. Love this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. what a terrifically inspiring blog. I really enjoyed reading it.

  3. Wonderfully blessed with someone like J in your life �� The Lord knew what he was doing when he placed you two together !


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