Sister of a Warrior

A sisterly love language

This month's blog posts seem to be following the theme of family. While I was down in Cape Town on holiday, my sister gave me this piece which she had originally written on her blog in 2012.

My sister laughs with me, cries with me and we go crazy...

My sister is an amazing lady and superwoman in disguise. She has given me knowledge since a small age about different topics and has helped me. Maybe it's because of the situations we encountered together or when I just wanted to watch Greys Anatomy with her.

She is one of my biggest fans in everything I do. Yes, we do get mad at each other, but that's what sisters do. They can't stay cross for long or sad. She is the one who makes amazing flapjacks and sings songs with me out loud.

She is a blessing to me from God and is my pookie. My sister allows me to follow my heart, but I always know that she will be there to help me sew my heart back together if things go south.

My sister is one of a kind and I love her to the moon and back.

Besides being grateful and humbled by her post, I also noticed some other things.
 ‘Quality Time’ stands out clearly our love language and that she didn't mention MG once.
When I asked if she wanted to add or change anything about the post, she replied, ‘No? It describes who you are to me.’

Four years ago I felt I was in a different space then than I am now. I had had my thymectomy and was working a full day with only the essential medication keeping my levels stable. Only my close circle knew of my warrior moments. Now the tables have turned and my life is easily accessible to the public. I feel that MG has become more of my identity and it makes me wonder if I would still be seen in the same light?
It was reassuring to hear that my sister still values our quality time and that this is the most important thing to her. 


  1. Loving and supportive family makes you remember who you are, deep down. In this case, a wonderful sister - not a patient. Sweet words from your sister!

  2. As an only child I never had the privilege of having a brother or sister. I miss not having a sister even more after reading your blog.

    1. It is a privilege, one that I feel many people neglect at times. Thanks for highlighting this issue

  3. As a sister of someone with MG, I identify 100% My sister is first and foremost her gorgeous, bubbly, wonderful person we all love and treasure...MG allows us extra time to bond and appreciate her. It reminds me what a special gift she is to us and makes me appreciate the good times even more. NOTHING replaces a sisters love


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