Shower hour - personal care management for MG warriors

Shower hour!


As evening approaches so can the fearful thoughts: 'Do I have enough energy to shower, without putting myself in danger?' 'Can I do it myself or do I once again need to ask for help?'

Here are some of my tips and tricks for personal care management for MG warriors and those suffering from fatigue.

1) Choose the right time for you

Some of us have more energy in the morning and feel somewhat recharged when we wake. Personally, I struggle to get up in the morning and the thought of still having to shower, especially on a cold morning puts me off even more. I choose to shower at night to avoid the race against the clock in the morning. As showering can be very tiring, I can also safely rest after completing this task.

2) Have the right equipment in your shower 

- Handles/ Grab rails: Most showers are not equipt for persons with disabilities. Extra handles are cheap and easy to install. I have purchased some from the local pharmacy that sucks to the wall. This enables me to move them if needed.
- A place to sit: shower stools/chairs or build in ledges in the shower decreases the energy needed.
- Flexible shower head: This allows for easier rinsing especially if someone is assisting you.
- Mixer taps: individual taps can be tight and difficult to turn. Mixers are generally are also easier to control the temperature.
- Soap Dispensers or holders: There's nothing worse than dropping the soap and not being able to pick it up. Dispensers eliminate this issue. If you prefer a bar of soap, pop it into a stocking and secure it to your grab handle.
- Long handled sponges: Once soaped up this loofas helps you to get to all those hard to reach places

3) Time and temperature
Hot water temperature will sap your energy. Aim to have the water at a luke warm temperature. Extended periods of standing will also tire you. Rather take quick showers and if needed focus one other self-care task at a time. ie shaving or washing your hair.

4) After the shower 
Make sure that you have everything prepared. This is when your energy is weakest and you may need to rest soon. A few things to consider are:
- A place to sit and dry yourself. If it's your bed put a towel down before starting your showering process.
- Light weight towels or a cloth gown work well to dry your body
- Non-slip bath mats:  These prevent falls and give you more traction when stepping out of the shower.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to leave me a comment so I can add them!

A great suggestion that came through was the use of a leg/foot lifter:

For Helpful Hints for the Toilet click here


  1. I also pay attention to the bath mat. Stepping out on s lick floor can be a seriously slippery event.

    1. I can't agree more. You can't just have any mat it needs to have a non slip suface so it does not move!

  2. Replies
    1. That is a great idea especially to reach further down when your are sitting.

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