The traveling spoon: The Puddling Shop

The Pudding Shop

With an artsy feel, this restaurant was my sister-in-law's pick for our latest travelling spoon adventure. After parking in the street, we found The Pudding Shop tucked behind an Italian restaurant. A pathway of hanging origami stars, strings of beads and spicy aromas welcomed us into this uniquely decorated little haven.

A few tables are located in the garden outside the main seating area, which shares a border with the Italian restaurant. We chose to sit inside under the draped ceiling. It was beautiful and reminded me of the times I built tent forts as a child. Unfortunately, it was also as hot inside the restaurant as those homemade tent forts that I built a long time ago! This atmosphere encouraged deep conversations and sharing, however, the greenhouse effect was not good for my spoon conservation and therefore my energy was sapped by the end of the meal.

The Pudding Shop serves vegetarian and 'very vegan' meals. Please note that while these meals are delicious, most of them are not gluten free. They only offer one gluten-free dessert, however, it is not vegan as it contains dairy and eggs.

Our waiter was friendly but seemed to lack knowledge regarding the ingredients of the meals on the menu . This, therefore, made my sister-in-law feel uncertain regarding her choice of food. She ordered organic green tea and a buckwheat salad with fresh herbs, caramelized butternut & toasted pistachio. While this sounded good enough on the menu, jealously reigned once her meal was delivered as my husband's meal and my meal looked much more appetising.

My husband ordered the spicy almond chickpea and avo sandwich. Potato bread was used to make his sandwich and the meal was served with crunchy sweet potato chips. While the ingredients were fresh, he felt that he expected more for his money.

I love Indian food and therefore it was easy for me to pick something off the menu!   I ordered the wholesome vegan portion of the Indian tasting plate which included: bhaji, samoosas, chilli bites & rosti wrapped around curried cauliflower served with sambals. This plate was more than enough for one person. I failed to realise how gluten-packed this meal was and my little cheat for the day made me flare-up for two days!

We shared a 'very vegan' sticky fudge pudding served with coconut ice cream and a soya milk cappuccino. The pudding was disappointing as it was very dry.  We, therefore, notified the waitress and it wasn't charged to our bill.

The average price for a main meal is R123 with a dessert costing you approximately R45. The pudding shop is also open for breakfasts.

Unfortunately, this restaurant is not wheelchair friendly. There are two steps at the entrance and one step at the toilet facility. These steps do not have any useful grab-rails either.

I would suggest that you try out this restaurant if you are not gluten intolerant. Your experience might also be more pleasant if you sit in the garden area.  Perhaps you might enjoy this restaurant more than we did!

43 7th Avenue Parktown North, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Wednesday to Sunday from 8.30am to 3.30pm


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