The traveling spoons: The Grove Green Cafe

Grove Green Cafe 

To help prevent flares, I strive to eat healthy. I eat 'clean', non-processed food. My diet is gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free. I also limit eating nuts as my stomach seems to be sensitive to them. I juice regularly and only drink ozoned water.
One thing that helps me to maintain this lifestyle is knowing where to eat out. This has been one of my great struggles and therefore I would like to dedicate a blog a month to places where you can eat clean food! My first post is dedicated to my newest find, The Grove Green Cafe.

On the spur of the moment, my sister-in-law suggested we try somewhere different for lunch. Feeling like an afternoon of spoonful fun, we found ourselves exploring this new menu on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Nestled in a sheltered corner of Parkhurst, this quaint oasis is a wonderful ‘clean’ eating destination.

The cafe has secure parking and a helpful car attendant. Unfortunately, the premises is not wheelchair friendly and has a step to the cafe and bathroom. Thankfully I am walking with a cane at the moment and could manage this obstacle.  The cafe is pet-friendly, but does not have an area for pets to roam, so make sure your pet is well behaved and able to cope with strangers in an intimate environment. I am always excited to find pet-friendly venues and would have loved to bring my fur babies with me. I will definitely let them accompany me next time!

Breakfast, mains, treats, smoothies, juices and coffees are available on a sit down and take away basis. Unfortunately, no soya/ almond milk alternatives are available.

Please note that you will have to book if you are bringing a large party as the seating area in the restaurant is limited. You also order your meals off an iPad, which is great for those who have speech impairments.

Meals are reasonably priced and we definitely felt that it was value for money. A basic burger will cost you R55 and an extravagant salad R85. Juices and smoothies are made fresh ensuring that you can get the maximal nutrient intake. A basic juice is R20 and a basic smoothie is R25. All food is freshly prepared and in limited stock to ensure good quality produce.

The herb garden forms the back wall of the seating area and has large trees which give it a feeling of being out in nature. After a prayer of thanks, we dug into our meals.  I had the 'bunless' chicken burger which is one of their speciality meals which was complemented with lovely juice.  My sister-in-law had a portion of their pork loin quinoa salad. My husband opted for a yummy dark chocolate pecan brownie. Despite the atmosphere being relaxed, the service was great and our orders were delivered in good time. The food was easy to eat and even if you struggle with chewing, the smoothies make you feel part of the social vibe and not excluded from the meal. You shouldn’t have to worry about having to lose spoons due to anxiety or noise at the Grove Green Cafe.

With comfy couches, free wifi and your furry best friend at your side, it's a great little place!

Address: 15 on 17th Avenue Parkhurst North
Open: 7am - 6 pm Tuesday's - Sunday


  1. This sounds like such a cute little cafe! 💖

  2. This looks great? I love how they've got the 'order on your ipad' bit and the 'pets are ok' bit! I've never seen a restaurant do that, so it's pretty exciting (not that I have any pets...)
    I can't really gauge the food prices xD at first I got confused cause of the R so I was like "huh? rupees? wow! that's so cheap o.O" but then I scrolled down to see it's in South Africa xD

    1. Prices would be considered reasonable in South Africa for such a clean meal. and yes food is great!

  3. Oh this sounda like such a great spot for lunch. I love that you can bring your furry friends. Makes it cuter! X
    Lola Mia //

    1. I agree makes a place much better when your can bring your best fur friend along!

  4. Hi, this looks like a fab place to eat at. The food looks delicious, great you can bring your furry friends as well, Chloe #TeacupClub

    1. Thanks Chloe! yes is a very yummy and friendly spot!


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